IHC 2023 - Programme


We are delighted to share with you the outline scientific programme for IHC 2023.

View the current programme overview.

The full programme, including the list of faculty will be added to this website in early 2023.

Programme Committee

We would like to thank the Scientific Programme Committee for their work in developing the 2023 Congress programme

Scientific Programme Committee

  • Cristina Tassorelli, Italy - IHS President/Congress Co-Chair
  • Min-Kyung Chu, Republic of Korea - Congress Co-Chair
  • Patricia Pozo Rosich, Spain - IHS Secretary
  • Soo-Jin Cho, Republic of Korea - Local representative
  • Faisal Mohammad Amin, Denmark
  • Gabriela Carvalho, Brazil
  • Shih-Pin Chen, Taiwan
  • Greg Dussor, United States
  • Callixte Kuate Tegueu, Cameroon
  • Alejandro Labastida-Ramirez, Mexico
  • Mi Ji Lee, Republic of Korea
  • Ottannorov Luvsanbayar, Mongolia
  • Aynur Özge, Turkey
  • Jelena Pavlovic, United States
  • Francesca Puledda, United Kingdom
  • William Renthal, United States
  • Uwe Reuter, Germany
  • Kirill Skorobogatykh, Russia
Ex-officio members
  • Henrik Schytz, Denmark
  • Shuu-Jiun Wang, Taiwan
  • Morris Levin, United States